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PO Box 20648
New York, NY, 10009

Cesar is the author of the standalone novel “The 13 Secret Cities” the book series "How to Kill a Superhero" (under the pen name Pablo Grene). He is also the creator and publisher of Solar Six Books.

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The Self-Publishing Solution: 1/2 Day Workshop


The Self-Publishing Solution: 1/2 Day Workshop

SelfPublishing Solution.png
SelfPublishing Solution.png

The Self-Publishing Solution: 1/2 Day Workshop


Self publishing is a viable career choice for authors today, and that is the reality. Self-publishing offers many advantages over traditional publishing, but it also can present many pitfalls for authors who are not familiar with digital strategy, marketing, and publishing costs. Author Cesar Torres will consult with you, the author for a 3-hour workshop.

Topics covered include:

  • A current assessment of the client's author platform, including digital presence.
  • A customized plan that will help the author reach readers better. In the world of publishing, more audience doesn't always mean best audience.
  • A strategy for authors that includes easy steps to develop and create a web presence, a social presence on places like Goodreads and Facebook, as well as a strategy for managing these budgets and tasks without burdening the author.
  • Cesar Torres' self-publishing playbook, which includes a comprehensive plan to put into action.

This workshop includes a FREE one-hour assessment that will allow Cesar to customize the workshop to each author. Workshops can be conducted remotely via video or in person (depending on location).

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