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New York, NY, 10009

Cesar is the author of the standalone novel “The 13 Secret Cities” the book series "How to Kill a Superhero" (under the pen name Pablo Grene). He is also the creator and publisher of Solar Six Books.

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Social Media Coaching: A Game Plan for Authors


Social Media Coaching: A Game Plan for Authors

The Social Media Gameplan For Authors.png
The Social Media Gameplan For Authors.png

Social Media Coaching: A Game Plan for Authors


You've tried promoting your books and published works on Facebook, Twitter, and you aren't sure you're getting the best results. You wonder if you need to Snapchat, but very quickly it's becoming overwhelming.

Relax and sit down to have a cup of coffee or tea. I'm here to help. This 1-hour consultation with Author Cesar Torres will help you refine your social media and get the best results for the minimum effective dosage. In this session, Cesar will help you make a gameplan in the following areas:

  • Quickly generate an assessment of where your current strengths and weaknesses exist
  • A hands-on session to discard efforts and strategies that are exhausting you and not delivering results
  • As a follow-up, Cesar will give you a customized social media game plan for your author platform to begin strengthening your brand with short-term tactics.

This one-hour session can be done remotely via video chat, or in person, depending on location. Additional consults can be set up on an ongoing basis for continued coaching. We accept authors at all levels, from unpublished, all the way through pro level.

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