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PO Box 20648
New York, NY, 10009

Cesar is the author of the standalone novel “The 13 Secret Cities” the book series "How to Kill a Superhero" (under the pen name Pablo Grene). He is also the creator and publisher of Solar Six Books.

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Solar Six Creative Services

Solar Six is the company that publishes all my books, but also all my digital content, including all my photography, graphic design and especially video content. I offer the following services to other businesses and creative individuals:


  • Video content planning, production and post-production, optimized for social media

  • Content customized and tailored for your audience and no one else’s

  • Dynamic storyteling that conveys the authenticity of your brand

  • Dazzling visuals that tell a story clearly and fast, to take advantage of today’s shorter attention spans

  • Planning, production and management of livestreams for YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and other streaming platforms.

  • LIve-event production so you can show your audience your brand’s story in real time.

  • Specialty in creating content for vertical video: Instagram stories, Snapchat, and Facebook stories

  • Management of digital content for paid ad platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook paid ads.


  • Dynamic photography optimized for Instagram and other digital consumption platforms

  • Photo shoots on site

  • Studio Photography

  • Product Photography

  • Optimization of images for Google Search, Pinterest, and other SEO

  • Animated GIFS

For rates and more information, please use the contact form here on my web site to reach out to me. You can also DM me on Instagram at @13SecretCities.

Video Portfolio

Below is a sampling of different kinds of videos and films I have created for my multiple brands, ranging from a business documentary, to a product release, to a video essay.


Photography Portfolio