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New York, NY, 10009

Cesar is the author of the standalone novel “The 13 Secret Cities” the book series "How to Kill a Superhero" (under the pen name Pablo Grene). He is also the creator and publisher of Solar Six Books.

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Films by Cesar Torres



Beyond Built is the first film by Cesar Torres. This documentary explores Chicago’s history as a center for strength sports through the eyes of a man called Dave DeYoung. 

Beyond Built was produced, written and directed by Cesar Torres through Solar Six, the company he created to publish his books and films.

Beyond Built is available to view directly now in the link above or at Cesar's YouTube channel. A screening is scheduled later this summer in Chicago. For details, please register for the free newsletter for updates.

This film was also made possible by contributions from Patreon subscribers. If you would like to contribute, you can do so at my Patreon page.