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Cesar is the author of the standalone novel “The 13 Secret Cities” the book series "How to Kill a Superhero" (under the pen name Pablo Grene). He is also the creator and publisher of Solar Six Books.

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Self-Publishing 101: Do It Like a Pro


Latest update: January 28, 2015

  • Added Author Earnings REport and new section on the Business of Publishing

As the creator of Solar Six Books, I firmly believe in sharing knowledge about publishing to dispel myths and make it more transparent. Thanks to the tools that are available today for authors, self-publishing is a viable route for writers who want to publish their own work. For a small subset of these authors, it's possibly even a way to get paid for their writing. 

This page will be constantly update over time as I expand my series. So far, you can view Self Publishing 101: Do It Like a Pro on YouTube as on ongoing series (which will consist of about twenty episodes). I am also kicking off a resources section at the end of this post that can also help you find more resources to get you started.

Self-Publishing 101: Do It Like a Pro

Part 1: Jobs

Part 2: Manuscript

Part 3: Team

Part 4: Fearless

Part 5: Design

Self-Publishing Resources


The Author Earnings Report -- I highly recommend subscribing to this incredible free resource. It contains detailed title-level analytics on book sales, aggregated data (from Amazon e-book sales, other retailers and more), as well as insights into book buying trends. Our secondary mission is to call for change within the publishing community for better pay and fairer terms in all contracts. 

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